Greetings readers,

I really don’t have much to say today, but I know that I need to write something. Anything.

I wish things were different.

I feel like I’ve been able to be stay strong lately but today, not so much.
I feel like I’ve been able to keep my mind right lately but today, not so much.
I’m looking forward to attending Open Mic tonight, with the hopes of being able to get out of my own mind for a few hours.

We’ll see.

Until next time…

-Master and Commander, FjB


Feelings of Inadequacy

Greetings readers,

As this year continues to fly by faster than I could ever imagine… the lessons to be learned are nothing short of present. I’d like to reflect more on what I wrote on in my previous blog. As I have been spending some time reflecting and mediating within myself solutions to my recurring issues. I feel that it really all boils down to the following:

Feelings of inadequacy. 

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Greetings readers,

I guess you could say I tend to write when I start to go through the motions of not feeling particularly centered.

It’s extremely discomforting to have days like today when I just feel like I can’t control my negative emotions despite having so much to be grateful for. I had such a great birthday weekend and everything that I experienced was beyond what I could ever have hoped for, yet for some reason today rolled around and I suddenly was overcome with feelings of anxiety.

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The Unknown

Someone once said, “Tomorrow’s never promised today”… And it’s probably the realest quote anyone could ever hear. But do we really process the meaning? Sometimes we get so caught up in worrying about the little things, that we forget how much we should be thankful for. And how much the things and people in front of us matter, right here in the now. I’m definitely guilty of this…

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