About Me

I guess this is the section where I entice you with words about myself in hopes to not sound incredibly narcissistic or arrogant or boring or deflated. Here goes…

I am just an ordinary twenty-something woman living in the sunny city of San Diego. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘writer’ per se as this is my first blog site, I do believe that people have the power to help each other learn and grow by sharing their own experiences. Oftentimes we feel alone in this great big world and if my words can affect or change at least one life, I feel this blog has served its purpose.

I can guarantee that you will experience one of the following, if not all from my blogs –

  • My opinions, however “right” or “wrong” they are
  • My honest truth
  • Heavy sarcasm and facetiousness
  • Language that I guess most of the world would categorize as “foul”

and much more than I can honestly care to list, but those are the high points.

If any of this truly intrigues you, I suggest you take a read and if so,

I sincerely welcome you into my crazy world.

So, how did I do?


2016-03-28 16.34.04.jpg


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