Music Monday.

Greetings readers,

I would like to start something weekly or every other week where I share with you guys any new music, bands or solo artists that I have recently been introduced to and also share any experiences I’ve had attending concerts, or festivals. Basically I’d like to dedicate one entire blog a week to MUSIC! Talking about favorite songs, my interpretations and meanings, upcoming events and moooore! Music is such a huge part of my life and it only makes sense to share my tastes with the world because I absolutely love when people show me new music.

A little about my music tastes:

My love for Music knows no bounds – meaning I fall in love with Music by the sound, lyrics, meaning, feel. I don’t dismiss any song because of it’s Genre, although I do have my favorites. Country music and I have a rough relationship. When I think of the country music I like & respect, it consists of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, I’d even stick Bob Dylan in that category and many more… However, Country music today is not like how it was. Country music has changed and it really is not my cup of tea. I don’t knock on anyone that enjoys it though, to each their own.

If I had to pick a few Genre’s that were my favorites I’d say Reggae, Underground Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, Soul and Folk. I am pretty much all over the place when it comes to Music, but I love it.

Now that you have been introduced to my tastes, you can choose for yourself on reading further into my suggestions and thoughts. 🙂

Attended Events: Last Tuesday I attended a concert for Nas & Lauryn Hill and boy, was it an amazing concert. I have been listening to and been obsessed with Lauryn Hill since my pre-teen years and to finally see her live, was simply indescribable. She played all of the hits and even changed it up a bit. NAS was in one word – DOPE. I became a Nas fan when I discovered my love for underground hip-hip, also in my pre-teen years. There has always been something so real about his music and lyricism… it’s what has kept me a fan all of these years.

Upcoming Events: At the end of this month, I will be attending a concert for Black Star – which is Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and Talib Kweli. Two amazing underground rappers that are historical when it comes to Hip-Hip and Rap. I intend to be completely blown away for this concert, it will be one for the books!

Weekly Obsession: For the past week I have been obsessed with the latest James Arthur album, called Back from the Edge. When I heard the song “Say You Won’t Let Go” on the radio, I fell in love. The sound of his voice and the meaning of that song is so deep. I was interested to hear more. After listening to the album on Spotify, I just had to buy the album. I have not been able to stop listening to the entire album since! My favorite song on the album has to be “Train Wreck”. I am quite attracted to soulful songs that are sometimes depressing because those have the most meaning to me. In my opinion, “Train Wreck” is beautifully written and composed to invoke emotions of feeling like you’re on the edge of life & death, hanging by that thread, begging for that one person to give you one last push… a push you are incapable of providing for yourself.

Hope you enjoyed. Until next Monday…

Master and Commander, FJB



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