Poem: Repeat

Greetings readers,

As life always promises such, I am experiencing a wave of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. I am continuing to try to stay healthy both physically and mentally despite this turn of events. I have written another poem that I would like to share, it’s called Repeat.


Can we press pause?
Can we maybe press rewind?
I don’t know what happened here, I think to myself
Over and over,
As I’m standing in this wreckage.
We were embarking on a journey together,
A journey of renewal and understanding,
Here you go, rip the rug out from under me,
Leave me here again with nothing in my hands,
Cold in my heart,
And the darkness of frustration to cover my blue skies.
This battle you fight, you allow to the wrong side to win,
The demons you combat, you allow to win,
The second you walk away and fall back into it.
Sure, I’m on the outside looking in,
When I’ve told you time and time again, I probably will never fully understand,
But what I do understand is having the will to fight,
Fight for what I love, through thick and through thin,
I don’t need to understand, every single piece,
I don’t need to understand, every single feeling,
What I need, What I have, is LOVE,
Love for you and every part of your broken soul,
What I need, What I have, is ACCEPTANCE,
That there will be bad days and there will be good days,
And whatever may come, I will love the same.
I pray to my God and hope that you’ll come back,
And I will wait for however long it takes,
This love will never expire, nor get old,
We’re soul mates I know,
And knew it from the moment we said Hello. ~


Until next time readers…

-Master and Commander, FjB


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