3 Wonderful Things About Falling in Love

Falling in love is one of those miraculous discoveries that we are unable to explain. You don’t really know the mechanics of it all, you just know it when you feel it. There is something within all of us that shifts when we fall in love and it touches our souls in ways that are sometimes inexplicable. There’s no fighting it, there’s no way around it, it is just what it is — Love.

I have been blessed to feel love, to be in love in my life and there are so many wonderful things to cherish about being able to feel love but I’d like to share just a few that stand out from my experiences. Regardless of how those relationships ended up, I believe that every experience holds meaning in life and is something that was meant to happen to me.

I know that I will probably fall in and out of love a million ways for the rest of my life and I am okay with that because if not for love, I wouldn’t have been able to know the things I know now.

3.  Sharing – When you fall in love with someone, you share certain feelings and experiences. If you’re a loving person, sharing is everything. From my experiences, I have learned that this part of falling in love does not pertain only to sharing the things that make us happy but also sharing the things that make us unhappy as well. I’m guilty of holding things in, bottling up anger, resentment and all for fear of becoming some sort of nuisance to the people I love. I understand the logic behind that is not very sound… since that is what the people who truly love us are there for. To help lift your soul when it’s lost, to help cheer you up when you’re sad, to help to make your life better. I struggle with that word – help. I don’t like asking for help because in my eyes it shows weakness and yet at the same time, whenever anyone I love asks me for help I don’t even think twice. I don’t see them as weak – so why am I so hard on myself? All of these things, you learn to share when falling in love and it is one of the best feelings to know you’re not so alone anymore.

2. Learning – I absolutely love to learn. One of my favorite things about falling in love is that your mind and soul are both free. You are not only learning about this wonderful person but you are also learning a lot about yourself. This person becomes your favorite cocktail and with every sip you begin to feel the haze of drunkenness coming just from drinking in every moment, every fact, every encounter, every look. This is the most amazing feeling. When you fall in love with someone, you not only fall in love with their soul but the souls of those around them. All you want is to be assimilated completely into their life…the past, present, and the future. This is why I truly believe that every situation and relationship serves to benefit us in the end.

1. Growing – This is the best of them all. When you learn, ultimately you grow. When relationships fail, it is because people aren’t growing together, they grow apart. Sometimes this is just what happens and sometimes people allow for this to happen. But when you can grow with someone, there are hardly comparable feelings to discovering what you have built with someone. Growing with someone opens so many doors and can create opportunities for you to do what you have always wanted because you have someone, right there, alongside you, giving you that last push you need to go for it. Keep in mind that self-growth is always just as important in a relationship when you’re falling in love. In order to create a healthy, long-lasting relationship, there must be space also for self-growth. This is just as valuable as growth between two partners because there still must be identity between two people that keeps them individualized. If you can master all of that, a relationship full of love can flourish beyond expectation.

There are truly so many other wonderful things about falling in love but these are the ones that stand out to me. This is very real to me right now in my life and I hope that my experiences, wisdom and faith can help to build the long-lasting relationship that I have only dreamt of.

Until next time…

-Master and Commander, FjB


2 thoughts on “3 Wonderful Things About Falling in Love

  1. This is amazing, the words flow so effortlessly that you know they are real. Great job, and I agree with the three best part’s of falling and being in love.


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