5 Post Divorce Appreciations

For my second blog, I thought I’d get into the ‘nitty gritty’ part of my past which I know is responsible for shaping the person that I am today. My Divorce. Certain people might hear the story of my marriage (which quickly turned to divorce) and immediately think that it was bound to happen. Although that may be one’s opinion, the driving force behind my marriage was Love. Let me clarify, this love was riddled with selfishness, obsession and insecurity, so it would be safe to say it is the worst kind of love you can conjure. However, I believe we are made to experience this type of love to teach us how to love effectively, appropriately and in a healthy way.

The story behind my marriage and divorce is quite simple. I was 18 and met a man who promised me the world, as did I in return. He was a nice, southern boy from a small town in Florida. He had joined the Marine Corps and found himself stationed in Southern California. The relationship we formed felt like it was a story right out of the movies (That should have been my first red flag, right?) We soon fell in love. I was still just a kid myself, but at the time I felt like I knew it all. I could make my own decisions as an adult now and I felt like I had won the lottery. I wanted a life with this man and nothing was going to stop me from taking the next step to get there. As you are probably guessing, my family was extremely opposed to this relationship growing at the pace it was and when I eloped, this created a seemingly irreparable rift between my family and I. Eventually, my family grew to accept my marriage and it felt like life finally began to move forward once again.

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